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"Where Imagination Roams"

Artist Statement on "Where Imagination Roams"

From the first moment I laid eyes on Jeff Rudolph's buffalo, I knew I would accept the invitation to paint. Expecting an iconic buffalo profile, Jeff's masterpiece countered all preconceived ideas and captivated me as his sculpture pushes the boundaries of visual vocabulary with a curvilinear form and presence--powerful yet playful, regal yet approachable.

"Classic," "whimsical" and "imaginative" were just a few of the adjectives I was bouncing around while creating "Where Imagination Roams."

To begin, I wanted a traditional feel so with oil paint I used oil an old glazing technique Paint on...Rub off...Paint on...Rub off...Many layers were applied to ensure depth and richness.

To tie the sculpture into our contemporary life, I loosely painted a whimsical, two-dimensional child interacting with Rudolph's playful three-dimensional buffalo. My ideas were influenced by current "street art" in which graffiti figures interact playfully with the city structures upon which they are painted. Thus I referenced one contemporary genre of street art while creating another.

As a final touch, I casted glass butterflies (using a lost wax technique) to connect the boy and buffalo in an intimate, shared experience. This adds a touch of fun and play and creates a moment in time that is only possible in the realm of imagination.

Not only is Wyoming "Where the Buffalos Roam" but Wyoming is also the place where my imagination roams--the place I call home.

Project Info:

"Where Imagination Roams" was prompted by an invitation to paint one of 30 life-size buffalos sculpted by Jeff Rudolph. The "Herd" will be roaming the streets of Cody, Wyoming this summer and auctioned in August to raise money for West Park's Hospital's New Patient Education Center. Jan's buffalo has been placed in front of Cody's Yellowstone Airport.

West Park Hospital's Foundation is accepting donations, if you would like to help in this community project

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